Fight anti-Hellenism, fight cultural appropriation

The enemies of the Hellenes continue, unswervingly and consistently, their distortion of Hellenismos, its language, history and values.
They break into other ethnicities‘
«houses,» change their language according to their whim, cut their language precisely to their own size and turn their ancestral value system upside down.
The different branches of Christianity’s religious byproducts (Neopaganism, Occultism, New Age) have joined forces in their attempt to expropriate the Hellenic people and distort our culture into themselves. Their intolerance and hybris has reached shocking proportions.
As you can see on the list in the website under the video uploaded by anti-Hellene «Aliakai», the anti-Hellenic groups are many. And as good Neopagans, they are playing on false denominations and bogus labels by presenting themselves to the public as «Hellenists.»
It seems that anti-Hellenism unifies all kinds of racists, colonialists and ethnocentrists.
And why not?
They share the same attitude, mindset, goal, origin and the bad habit of importing their individual ideologies into alien cultures. Cultures they do not know or understand. Cultures that they, as a matter of fact, despise.

I call upon the UN, the UNESCO, the Greek State and the ECER (European Congress of Ethnic Religions) to take-up the fight against cultural appropriation.
It always leads to expropriation and genocide.
This crime against vulnerable cultures must end.
I urge
all my brothers and sisters to come out and raise their voices against this injustice. Defend your cultural heritage, fight colonialism. It is time for us to come together as one and confront the enemy.


The Hellenic response to the Video above: