Excellent study on the revitalization of Hellenic religion

Alexandros Sakellariou: The reconstruction of ancient Greek religion: Practicing Hellenic religious tradition in contemporary Greek society. The above link is to a very fair, objective and valid academic work on the revitalization of Hellenic religion in Greece in PDF format. Alexandros Sakellariou, a Greek sociologist and researcher, interviewed several ethnic Hellenes, researched what is important … Excellent study on the revitalization of Hellenic religion weiterlesen

Reasons For Paganism’s Obsession With Hellenism

I recently read a paper by classicist Sarah Iles Johnston titled Whose Gods are These? A Classicist Looks at Neopaganism, which I recommend all Hellenes and Hellenists to read (you will find the link to the article at the bottom of this page). It demonstrates with clarity the reason why neopaganism, especially its American form, … Reasons For Paganism’s Obsession With Hellenism weiterlesen

Avoiding cultural appropriation or Searching for the right name

Recently, some people who have noticed the Hellenic counter-attack to pagan colonialism approached me with the question «if it is okay» for them as non-Greeks to worship the Greek gods. They were honestly concerned; they «believe in the Greek gods,» as they put it, and just want to worship them. So they asked me if … Avoiding cultural appropriation or Searching for the right name weiterlesen

Autochthonous, Indigenous, Ethnic, Native, Hellenic

The terms “Autochthonous,” “Indigenous” and “Native” have been used and are still used in literature and in the academic discourse to designate Hellenic culture, ancient and contemporary. Furthermore they are used to address single components of Hellenic culture such as religion (“polytheism”), music, language or architectural style. They are also self-chosen terms by ethnic Hellenes. … Autochthonous, Indigenous, Ethnic, Native, Hellenic weiterlesen

Common Hellenism

When we take a closer look at the Greek or Hellenic people, we see a vibrant culture that manifests itself in a variety of different ways at the individual, local, and state levels. There are different dances, musical styles, ceremonies, superstitions, fairy tales, cultures of memory, family structures and unique traditions forged by historical experiences. … Common Hellenism weiterlesen

Toutâ Galation offers platform to Genocide denier

The Gaulish polytheist organization Toutâ Galation invited the pagan YouTuber and Genocide denier “Aliakai” to speak at their this year's Touta Galation Conference. “Aliakai” is known in the Hellenic community for culturally appropriating Hellenic tradition and spreading false information about Hellenic collectives. In the past, “Aliakai” has used an ethnocentric rhetoric in order to discredit … Toutâ Galation offers platform to Genocide denier weiterlesen

Another pagan deception or Colonialism is in vogue

A relatively new pagan con is on its way, it's called “Hellenic Herald” and it is coming for your money. As always in cases like this, the label here is quite simply fraudulent.[1] For the trained eye, it is easy to see through their facade.[2] The lack of knowledge about the difference between a “Hellenic … Another pagan deception or Colonialism is in vogue weiterlesen

Romaic anti-Hellenism Strikes Again

YSEE shared on May 8 a photo of little Antiochos' naming ceremony in Athens. As expected, anti-Hellenic comments were not long in coming. While some Romioi made fun of the Hellenic religion, others did not miss the opportunity to make comments like «fascism make us laugh» or write something about «expired pharmaceuticals.» Again: all these … Romaic anti-Hellenism Strikes Again weiterlesen

Hellenische Religion, Polytheismus und Kosmotheismus

Fällt der Begriff «hellenische Religion», denken die meisten Menschen an einen bunten Götterhimmel, spannende Geschichten, Monster, Heroen. Polytheismus. Aber die hellenische Religion ist nicht nur «Polytheismus». Mittlerweile vermeide ich es bewusst, den Begriff «Polytheismus» in den Mund zu nehmen, da er von befremdlichen Klischees umlagert wird. Außerdem vermeide ich es, mich als «Polytheist» zu bezeichnen. … Hellenische Religion, Polytheismus und Kosmotheismus weiterlesen

Ares: No Personification Of Anything

The pagan distortion of Hellenism happily continues as during the dark ages. In her video about the god Ares, pagan colonialist and Genocide denier «Aliakai» demonstrates, once again, her inability to distinguish between myth and cult, which is not surprising considering the fact that she knows Hellenism only from the outside, mainly through Hollywood and … Ares: No Personification Of Anything weiterlesen