Offerings and colours of the gods

Labrys: «Κατάλογος προσφορών» (December 3, «2009»), from: Labrys (Texts), as consulted online on January 25, «2012». Complementary source (with the primary/ancient sources): Labrys: «Ελληνικός Πολυθεϊσμός: Οικιακή Λατρεία», p. 46-63, Athens 2014 (eng. Labrys: Hellenic Polytheism: Vol. I: Household Worship, Athens 2014). The corresponding planets, weekdays, Platonic solids, elements, virtues, gemstones and precious metals have not … Offerings and colours of the gods weiterlesen

Noumenia Ceremony

Labrys: Noumenia Ceremony (First day of the Lunar month), in: Labrys (Events). Retrieved: February 14, “2019”. The Hellenic festival calendar is lunar based and the beginning of each month is marked by the appearance of the new moon. This usually takes place on the day after the astronomical New Moon in any particular region. The … Noumenia Ceremony weiterlesen

Hellenic nativistic Collective LABRYS

LABRYS: «About us», retrieved from: Labrys (About), last checked: Anthesterion 14, 4th Year of the 698th Olympiad / February 11, «2017». Official website. Mission LABRYS Religious Community aims to preserve, promote and practice the Hellenic (Greek) polytheistic religious tradition through public rituals, lectures, publications, theatrical and musical events, and other forms of action. Vision Our … Hellenic nativistic Collective LABRYS weiterlesen

Purification (Hellenismos)

Lesley Madytinou: PURIFICATION, in: Labrys (English Texts). Retrieved: Elaphebolion 30 / April 07, “2016”. Preface Section One - A Basic Understanding of Miasma and Katharmos Miasma Katharmos The rituals of Katharmos Section Two - The Miasma of Death and Life The Miasma and Katharmos of Natural Death The Miasma and Katharmos of the Dead The … Purification (Hellenismos) weiterlesen

Hellenic Household Worship (Labrys-Community)

Hellenic Household Worship Written by Christos Pandion Panopoulos for Labrys Edited and translated by Lesley Madytinou & Rathamanthys Madytinos Labrys: Hellenic Household Worship, in: Labrys (English Texts). Retrieved: November 11, “2015”. Introduction 1. The Main Gods of Household Worship 1.1 Hestia 1.2. Zeus Ktesios 1.3. Zeus Erkeios 1.4. At the Boundaries of the OikosHermes, Hekate … Hellenic Household Worship (Labrys-Community) weiterlesen

Hellenic Rites of Passage (Labrys-Community)

CATALYSING MATURITY Coming of Age in Ancient Hellas Written by Lesley Madytinou Contents Introduction Part One: General Rites of Passage a. Generational and Phases of Passage b. The Phases of Passage to Adulthood Part Two: The Historical Rites of Passage to Adulthood a. The Male Rites of Passage into Adulthood Ionian Male Rites of Maturity … Hellenic Rites of Passage (Labrys-Community) weiterlesen