The diamond of mankind

«Research shows that learning #IndigenousLanguages helps form strong indigenous identities.» (Survival International, Facebook) This message emphasizes why it is so important for us to teach ourselves and our children ancient or original Greek. The Mythological Lab for Kids and the Courses of ancient Greek for adults under the guidance of the Hellenic sociologist Dr. Ourania … The diamond of mankind weiterlesen


The appropriation of Hellenismos

Some minutes ago, I have found a very interesting and well written article about the appropriation and distortion of Hellenic and Roman cultues by modern political or ideological movements who are in search of an identity and a narrativ to backup their positions. Many scholars have enough of this and are now responding to these … The appropriation of Hellenismos weiterlesen

Mythological Lab for Kids & Athens Science Festival 2019

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Mythological Lab for Kids, founded and organized by the Supreme Council of Ethnic Hellenes (YSEE), will participate in the Athens Science Festival. The theme this year is: «Hercules and Geomythology,» which will be presented on Saturday, April 06, at 3:00 p.m. With Hercules as our fellow-traveler and the science … Mythological Lab for Kids & Athens Science Festival 2019 weiterlesen

Practicing Hellenismos as a non-Greek?

There are still many people who ask: «Is it strange as a Non-Greek to practice Hellenismos?» or «Can I be a Hellenist even though I am not Greek?». Others were put in a position where they feel the need to justify themselves for being Hellenists. It is true that Hellenismos is an ethnic religion, but … Practicing Hellenismos as a non-Greek? weiterlesen

Greece is celebrating the «Three Holy Hierarchs» and their anti-Hellenism

Today, «Greece» or Romiosyni and children all over Greece are celebrating the Three Holy Hierarchs (Basil of Caesarea, John Chrysostom, Gregory of Nazianzus). It is «a day that pays tribute to education», for the «Three Hierarchs», the so-called «Patrons of Letters», were «great men of letters who were not only defenders of Orthodox Christianity, but … Greece is celebrating the «Three Holy Hierarchs» and their anti-Hellenism weiterlesen

New acts of violence against Hellenism

On December 29, “2018” members of the Hellenic cultural association “Glaukopis” celebrated the Hellenic festival Haloa outside the sanctuary of Demeter at Eleusis, Greece (with the approval of the local authorities). Right after the festival they were attacked by three Christians. The three men screamed at the ethnic Hellenes: “This is an orthodox country!”, “You … New acts of violence against Hellenism weiterlesen

On the gods and their functions in the world

Empedotimos: Notes on Orphic-Pythagorean and Platonic philosophy, Athens: Anichti Poli, 2009, greek. Excerpt translated by Stilian K. Ariston. HERMES is the giver of philosophy, he elevates the soul through philosophy, and with the powers of dialectics he raises the universal and individual souls to the Good (agathon). He is characterized by symmetry. APHRODITE is the … On the gods and their functions in the world weiterlesen

«Gemma» by Dimitris Liantinis (1942-1998)

«Gemma» by Dimitris Liantinis (1942-1998) A very important book that has become «classic» within the hellenic Community. Many people in Greece made their first contact with Hellenism through «Gemma». Thus, Liantinis marked their first step towards Hellenic tradition. But «Gemma» is also an outright hard slap in the face of modern greek society. Since 2013, … «Gemma» by Dimitris Liantinis (1942-1998) weiterlesen