What is Hellenism? (Two Videos)

Vlassis G. Rassias (1959-2019) was an ethnic Hellenic economist, historiographer, artist, poet, translator, publisher, author of over twenty-five books and a leading figure in the Re-Hellenization movement in Greece. He has transferred both Salustios‘ Peri Theon kai Kosmou and Epictetus‘ Enchiridion into modern Greek. He was the co-founder of the Supreme Council of Ethnic Hellenes (YSEE), whose General secretary he was, and the European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER, formerly WCER). He represented the indigenous Hellenic tradition in many TV shows, radio broadcasts, magazines and at the Parliament of the World’s Religions 2018 in Toronto, Canada. In his function as the General secretary of YSEE, he had given more than 150 lectures about Hellenism in several countries. Vlassis G. Rassias was a Stoic.

Angelo Nasios, also known as the Notorious Hellene, is an ethnic Hellenic historian (M.A Ancient History), religious scholar (B.A Religious Studies), author, blogger and content creator. The subjects studied and discussed by Nasios range from history, religion and divination to the issues of cultural appropriation and anti-Hellenism in Angloamerican paganism.