Exposing Pagan Anti-Hellenism

by Stilian Korovilas

The following article reveals the colonial attitude that is typical of paganism, especially in the AngloAmerican hemisphere. The picture below is a screenshot of posts in a Reddit group that calls itself «Hellenism,» which, of course, is not surprising since playing on false denominations and bogus labels is paganism’s daily bread. In this case, we see pagans disguising themselves as «Hellenists» and spreading untruths about the late Vlassis G. Rassias, co-founder of YSEE (Supreme Council of Ethnic Hellenes), which are likely to give the public a completely misleading image of Rassias and ethnic Hellenes in general. This is not an isolated case, rather such instances are mounting up. The screenshot serves only as an example of anti-Hellenism in AngloAmerican paganism. It also shows how toxic paganism is.

From an ethnological point, these claims are unsustainable. But one user in particular tops them all. His post is downright a manifestation of the abstruseness that is characteristic of this branch of neopaganism. He claims that Vlassis G. Rassias dismissed «reality in order to have a nice little story.» A pagan, of all people, wrote that. The hypocrisy of this is astonishing when you consider that paganism itself is a poorly designed narrative, based on untruths, with the claim to be an alternative to Christianity (not its derivation) being its biggest lie.

But the most irrational thing here is that these comments were posted in a Reddit group that exploits the name of our culture («Hellenism») while it provides a platform for anti-Hellenes, and yet at the same time they appropriate as their group’s profile picture an image created by a member of YSEE without his permission. This absurdity is the «shadow» that these circles cast.

To be honest, I did not expect less from AngloAmerican paganism or Reddit. For me, it is just another reason for not making texts and videos accessible to English language anymore. But I wish for all Hellenic collectives to be more reluctant with regard to the sharing of information.

I know of one Hellenic collective planning the publication of a book in English. I think, now is not the right time to do that. This may change one day and pagans will eventually move on to stage themselves as Egyptians, Babylonians or Hittites. In the current situation, it would be unwise for us to open up to strangers whose intentions are unknown. Too many members of the Hellenic diaspora were attacked by pagans and occultists for explaining their culture and religion. These are times of audacity and impudence. The «fabulous and unseemly gloom,» predicted by Antoninus towards the end of his life, still «hold sway over the fairest things on earth.» Therefore, I would like our collectives to reconsider their decision, and start organizing the resistance against the many forms of religious, political and cultural monotheism. There is enough information available in English for those who are truly seekers. What we need now is to defend our dignity and future generations from depravity. Hybris is organized today, so must be Arete.

It is becoming ever more clear that paganism is the most disturbing byproduct of western Christianity. They use the same old Christian tactics to slander, appropriate and harm different ethnic cultures, forgetting the fact that today we live in the digital age where lies have the bad habit of getting exposed. And that’s exactly the duty of every Hellene: to expose the pagan slander and propaganda against Hellenism. Fight for your people, fight for your culture, fight for your heritage. Stand your ground and rise against the colonialist hunger of anti-Hellenes. 


  • Hellenismos, July 7, 2021 (last time checked: July 17, 2021)
  • Hellenismos, July 14, 2021 (last time checked: July 17, 2021)