Christian Dior turns the Acropolis into a runway

The Central Archaeological Council (KAS) gave the okay to Christian Dior to turn the Acropolis into its personal runway for a photo shoot, which is set to take place on June 17, 2021 And this is not the first time for Dior to (mis)use the Acropolis for business. It did the same thing in 1951. The same KAS, Greece’s top archaeological advisory body, that refuses even the idea of sacrificing to Pallas Athena on the Acropolis, approved Dior’s request to use the Acropolis for its new project.

And to cap it all, the KAS – that simulates scientific respectability when it comes to worship – also granted Christian Dior permission to use «other archaic Greek monuments.» Leading politicians of the current corrupt government, most notably Adonis Georgiadis, defend this decision by saying that the Parthenon is «the monument of beauty. Fashion is art» and that our ancestors would have made the same decision. He seriously claims that the ancient Athenians would have rent the Parthenon to a fashion house. Georgiadis, who served as the spokesman for LA.O.S. (a Christian-Fascist party) and now as Vice-President of Nea Dimokratia (Conservative party), is a historian. That means he should know better. Given his past and personal ethos, however, we could not expect different.

I would like to remind Georgiadis politely but firmly that the Parthenon is not a runway, brothel or industrial zone. It is a temple for Pallas Athena. The now desecrated Parthenon was meant to be a temple. It was built to serve as a temple. People who have no regard for the sacred perceive our holy sites as «cultural capital,» since today man itself has been perverted into capital («Human capital»). But for us Hellenes it is and always will be a temple. A temple – not more, not less.

If they want to give away something so badly, they can start with their churches.