There are no gurus in Hellenism

Making money from appropriating and distorting a culture is the most disgusting thing a person can do. You don’t need to pay in order to learn about Hellenismos.
The New Age gurus, «priests,» non-Hellenic wannabes and charlatans can’t teach you anything but the commercialization of the sacred, which is the market on which the New Age movement operates. Hellenic religion is for free.
We don’t have gurus or prophets.
If you are interested in Hellenism, make sure you get the real thing.
Don’t fall for the tricks of the vocal wannabe online influencers. They are strangers to the Hellenic community.
Hellenism doesn’t cost a thing.
The only thing you need as a Beginner is respect for the Hellenic culture and the genuine desire to learn.