Cyriacus of Ancona (1391-1455), Hymns to Hermes and Artemis

Hymn to Hermes

Nurturing Hermes, father of the arts, mind, wit and speech,
greatest lord of ways and journeys,
who by your most sacred might have long blessed our mind and heart,
just as you have made safe and easy our most pleasant journeys
by land and sea through Italy, Illyria, Greece, Asia and Egypt …
Bless us with a favoring sea and a chorus of nymphs and nereids and,
in your kindness, let our voyage be a blessed and joyful one.

Hymn to Artemis

Hear me, queen Artemis, daughter of Zeus of many names, swift-footed,
who rejoice in archery and walk at night, swift nurse of men by day,
virgin goddess whose dwelling is in the rugged mountains,
revered thruster of the javelin, slayer of deer,
come, O Cynthian goddess, to all who eager to become fabled.
Bestow your good fortune and success on the sons of Carlo,
leaders of the Acarnanian folk…