Counteracting Pagan Lies

I took the trouble of translating some selected passages from Greek to English, in order to neutralise some of the Pagan lies and disinformation against the Hellenic people, and also to show you that the term «ethnic Hellene» is much older than the ideological stereotypes and associations of the various spiritual colonialists. The term «ethnic Hellene» (→ «Hellene by ethos,» member of the indigenous Hellenic culture) is highly problematic for both Pagans, at least for the anti-Hellenes among them, and many orthodox Christians, mostly because it puts their appropriation of Hellenism and their hunger for the «exotic» in its place.

When «Hellenists» who don’t speak Greek talk in a Neopagan group called «Hellenismos» (!) about a culture they don’t know, interpret the past of that culture through the lens of their own stereotypes, and attempt to speak on behalf of a community they don’t belong to, resistance becomes a duty. The damage caused to Hellenes and Hellenists by their misinformation will last only temporary. In the end it will hurt them more than us. Because in doing so the only thing they achieve is to reveal their structural colonialism. The following are quotes from different sources that refute the heavy-handed attempt of anti-Hellenic pagans to bring the image of ethnic Hellenes into disrepute.

«διατί ήσαν εθνικοί Έλληνες [because they were ethnic Hellenes]»
(Athanasios Parios, Αλεξίκακον Φάρμακον, p. 58, Leipzig 1818)

«Τελευταίον, και αυτοί οι Εθνικοί Ελληνες [Finally, and these ethnic Hellnenes too]»
(Konstantinos Oikonomos: Περί των Ο‘ Ερμηνευτών της Παλαιάς Θείας Γραφής, p. 298, Vol. 4, Ch. 4, Athens 1844)

«τους Πλατωνικούς φιλοσόφους και οί εθνικοί Ελληνες [platonic philosophers and the ethnic Hellenes]»
(Margaritis Dimitsas: Ιστορία της Αλεξανδρείας, p. 696, Athens 1885)

«οι εθνικοί Έλληνες ησπάσθησαν τον Χριστιανισμόν, και οι ναοί των ειδώλων μετετράπησαν είς χριστιανικούς, η δε εθνική φιλοσοφία έγένετο χριστιανική [the ethnic Hellenes converted to Christianity, and the temples of the idols were transformed into Christian churches; the ethnic philosophy became Christian]»
(G. I. Papadopoulos: Λόγος Πανηγυρικός εκφωνηθείς τη 4 Δεκεμβρίου 1899 κατά την επέτειον εορτήν του Εκκλησιαστικού Μουσικού Συλλόγου, p. 5, Constantinople 1900)

«οί εθνικοί έλληνες [the ethnic Hellenes]»
(Patriarchate of Alexandreia and of all Africa: Εκκλησιαστικός Φάρος, p. 221, Alexandria 1908)

«Πανταχού δέ οί εθνικοί Ελληνες ήνοιξαν ενθουσιωδώς τούς κεκλεισμένους αυτών ναούς [the ethnic Hellenes opened their closed temples everywhere]»
(Panagiotis Ch. Doukas: H Σπάρτη δια μέσου των αιώνων, p. 351, New York 1922)

I recommend the following article written by a Native American, because it addresses some points that can easily be transferred to Hellenism. The author’s knowledge and clear language reveals the requirements to engage in American Indian religion or, in our specific case, Hellenic religion. «Seeking Native American Spirituality: Read This First!»