Vlassis G. Rassias about Hellenismos (Videos)

About the person: Vlassis G. Rassias (1959-2019) was a Hellenic economist, historiographer, artist, poet, translator, publisher and author of over twenty-five books. He has transferred both the Salustios‘ Peri Theon kai Kosmou and Epictetus‘ Enchiridion into modern Greek. He was the co-founder of the Supreme Council of Ethnic Hellenes (YSEE), whose General secretary he was, and the European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER, formerly WCER). He represented the indigenous Hellenic tradition in many TV shows, radio broadcasts, magazines and at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto 2018. In his function as the General secretary of YSEE, he had given more than a hundred lectures about Hellenism in several countries. Vlassis G. Rassias was a Stoic.

Rassias: The Gods of Hellenismos are multiplications of the True Being – Ontos on (Hellenism ENG SUB)

This is an extract from a TV-show about the Hellenic Religion from “2006.” The Greek-orthodox theologian Mr. Kreiton Ioannides, the show hostess and the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of ethnic Hellenes (YSEE), Mr. Vlassis G. Rassias (1959-2019), talked about the Greek gods and the revitalization of Ethnic Religions throughout Europe. It was the time when Rassias was writing and publishing his multivolume work on the violent enforcement of Christianity in Europe and other parts of the world. Year: 2006. Show: Tolmo (“I dare”). Channel: Sigma TV. Country: Cyprus.




Vlassis G. Rassias clarifies what is and is not of concern to the Hellenic ethnic religion





Vlassis G. Rassias about the meaning of life in Hellenismos (from 2013).


Ο Ελληνισμός είναι Εθνισμός – A definition of Hellenismos (ENG SUB). Vlassis G. Rassias gives a definition of Hellenismos (from 2011). For more information, see the description of the video.