Wikipedia transforms Hellenes into «neopagans»

Some people are totally shameless. First they deleted the Greek entry about Vlassis G. Rassias from the self-proclaimed encyclopedia Wikipedia, then they create an English entry about him in which he is described as a «neopagan leader» and the Supreme Council of ethnic Hellenes (YSEE) as a «Greek neopagan organisation.» In doing this, they adopt the orthodox Christian propaganda against Rassias and the YSEE. As if that was not enough, they list him in their category «Greek neopagans» (at the bottom of the entry) together with the «national socialist activist» (Greek Wikipedia) and convicted offender (bombing) Aristotelis Kalentzis, which constitutes an insult to Rassias‘ memory. The mentioned category lists only two names: Rassias and Kalentzis. So Wikipedia not only portrays Rassias as a «neopagan» (religious movement of the Occident) instead of the Hellene (ethnicity) he was, but also relates him to a national socialist.

But the really sick part in all of this is that they did not wait until after the funeral ceremony to publish their entry. His funeral ceremony is being carried out today. This demonstrates us again the immorality of Wikipedia.

Maybe they think, whoever «they» are, now that Rassias is dead, he cannot defend himself against this kind of depravity. But we can and we will. And we will not stop exposing them until they stop their strange «games.» That’s a promise. They will not define Rassias or transform Hellenism into a «religious movement.» We will never subject ourselves to their pejorative terms («pagan,» «neopagan,» «devil worshipper,» «idolater» etc.) We were, we are and always will be the Hellenic ethnos. That makes us Hellenes. That is what Vlassis G. Rassias was, a member of the Hellenic ethnos, i.e. a Hellene. And that is what he will always be.


Update (June 20, 2020): This has been done before, but the publication of this article resulted in the removing of the offensive word from the entry, and the columnist even apologized for the incident. Now, they changed the entry and call Rassias again a «neopagan.»