Practicing Hellenismos as a non-Greek?

There are still many people who ask: «Is it strange as a Non-Greek to practice Hellenismos?» or «Can I be a Hellenist even though I am not Greek?». Others were put in a position where they feel the need to justify themselves for being Hellenists.

It is true that Hellenismos is an ethnic religion, but this only means that it is a culture-specific religion, not a culturally exclusive one. No, you do not have to be a Greek to practice Hellenismos. No, it is not strange for a Non-Greek to follow the Hellenic tradition. Though we do not seek converts or proselytize, we are open to all people of good will who respect our tradition.

If someone wants to practice our religion or to «open himself» to Hellenismos, he is welcome to do so. But we do not try to convince other people or persuade them into Hellenismos, but that does not mean, they are not welcome or that it is weird if they practice Hellenismos. Though Hellenismos is an ethnic religion, its core values can be found in many other ethnic or indigenous cultures.

You do not have to defend your choice to follow the Hellenic path. You can explain the reasons for this choice if you wish, but you do not have to. You are not responsible for the stereotypes, cliches and thoughts in people’s mind. Many times we say one thing and the others interpret it as something else. Very often it is not things in themselves that are wrong or weird, but people’s understanding of them; the view they take of them. It really depends on the thoughts in their minds. And again, you are not responsible for the content of their heads, especially if it leaves much to be desired.

So, the answer is: Yes, of course you can.

If you have doubts and do not know where to go, ask the gods for help. They will show you the way.