New acts of violence against Hellenism

On December 29, “2018” members of the Hellenic cultural association “Glaukopis” celebrated the Hellenic festival Haloa outside the sanctuary of Demeter at Eleusis, Greece (with the approval of the local authorities). Right after the festival they were attacked by three Christians. The three men screamed at the ethnic Hellenes: “This is an orthodox country!”, “You don’t belong to Greece!” and “Leave!”. They disturbed and harassed them massively, became violent and finally attacked the altar and destroyed the statues and holy vessels for the offerings to the gods, showing no consideration towards the women and children who were there, as the collective Hellenes of Lakonia and the reputable news portal “Kouti tis pandoras” report.

The president of “Glaukopis”, said in an interview to the News Agency “Zougla”, that the security person tried to stop them but they didn’t stop. On the contrary, they broke a man’s glasses, who tried to protect the altar, and beat two women, one took a hit against the ribs and the other one, an elderly woman, was pushed against a tree. The attackers were photographed by members of “Glaukopis” who filed charges “against persons unknown” as we can read on the blog of Hellenes of Lakonia. The president of “Glaukopis” said that these acts of christian fanaticism and violence against religious freedom must be condemned and punished. The police is now investigating the case.

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Hellenes of Lakonia

Kouti tis pandoras