«Prometheia» and the discreditation of Hellenismos

Few days ago some people in Greece celebrated the so-called «Promitheia» on mount Olympus. Now greek news agencies try to link Hellenismos with this new age festival. So let’s get things straight: Hellenismos has nothing to do with the so-called «Promitheia» or other new age or para-christian festivals celebrated by New agers, Nationalists and UFO-cultists in Greece. Hellenismos is not plastic laurel wreaths, kitsch chitons or white bedsheets, fakelore and reenactment. If anything, contemporary Hellenismos is the result of a serious attempt to revitalize indigenous Hellenic tradition as a way of functioning in everyday life on both the personal and collective levels.
But the ridiculization of indigenous traditions is not only a hellenic problem. There are many examples that show that this is a phenomenon that takes different forms across the globe. To be honest, we are not overly concerned about the activities of the spiritual branches of the current cultural imperialism. For these are the dog days of a collapsing world system.