Neopagan intolerance against Hellenism

In this post I will show you a new episode of neopagan intolerance against the Hellenic tradition. A self-declared “priestess” and witch, as she describes herself, attempts to distort an indigenous tradition according to her own worldview, and projects her own intolerance onto those who want to keep their tradition authentic. Cultural appropriation, a byproduct of the colonialist mindset, is, unfortunately, a common attitude among pagans. The Hellenic ethnos will never accept this kind of behavior towards its history and culture. Once again we found the Hellenic appraisal of “neopaganism” confirmed and recognize the need to internalize the message of the Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality” (June 10, 1993) in order to protect our tradition from fakelore, intolerance and the desecration of our ways.