Post Nr. 318/11.8.“2016”

A human sacrifice at Lykaion? We don’t know where did the baseness concerning the situation came from. It could either be from the vagueness and the misexpression of Ms Anna Karapanagos‘ (chief of the General Directorate of Antiquities) statements, or from the journalistic “misconceptions” of her statements. It could also be the ever crazy implications of the radial orthodox provocateurs who falsely call themselves journalists. Anyway, our country has always been peculiar regarding the understanding of ancient times. For example four years ago, in Tripoli, these people were proved unable to even hold an international archaeological congress without having the leaders of the orthodox church or “scientists” who wear “holly” crosses as pendants.

Representing the native, historically continuous and most importantly passed down by our ancestors, Hellenic Ethnic Religion, we impeach the umpteenth disgusting insult of our ancestors‘ memory by people who openly had no intention of respecting neither our sacred beliefs nor the scientific truth. If the archaeological source that let such vile rumours spread (we don’t concern about the uneducated pseudo-journalists) had better archaeological knowledge, should know that in sacred places and Temples not only there were no burials but even more so, burial of supposed “victims” of human sacrifices, who in every sacricicial practice worldwide are considered “consumables”. The only exception to that, were either heroes or people who had been deificated (depending on the existence or lack of grave goods). If the universities in which they have studied didn’t teach them that, we do it now.

The scientists with the cross pendants not only were proven incapable of valuing this one of a kind find, but on the contrary, they vulgarized it. Some years ago (2006) in our Memorandum to the Greek government, we had offered ourselves to provide them for free with our knowledge for the better understanding of the cultural value of each finding. We were ignored. It seems that they draw inspiration only from the “Holy Trinity” of the Orthodox belief.

It also needs to be said to the people who malignly speak about the Hellenic Religion that human sacrifices had never been practiced in the official history of the ancient Greek cities‘ worship rituals. Every reference that has been made of the issue belongs to the, out of time and place, legends of Mythology.

For centuries now, following the brutal and bloody dominance of Christianity there has been an immense number of people insulting undisturbed, the memory of our ancestors. From now on this will stop.

We demand respect of our Religion and Ethnic Identity.

The Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes (YSEE)


Ύπατο Συμβούλιο Ελλήνων Εθνικών-eng