Hellenic Seminary to Priesthood

YSEE announces Hellenic Seminary to Priesthood

Immediately after its recognition as a religious legal personality in Greece (1), the «Ethnic Hellenic religion – Supreme Council of the ethnic Hellenes» will hold a two-day seminary for the training of new priests / priestesses in Athens, Greece.

Those interested in an inclusion in the priesthood of Ethnic Hellenic religion (2), can already express their interest by an e-mail titled «ΙΕΡΑΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ» / «hieratic seminary» to ysee@ysee.gr

The seminar will last two days (for participants outside of Central Greece, one overnight stay, at least, may be necessary) and those who complete the course successfully will receive the priestly badge after their swearing.

The required personal qualifications of the participants are those established in the timelessness of our continuous historical religion, namely, that they are Hellenes and virtuous, intelligent and eager to learn. «It will be in Greek language only. The graduates will become novice priests for 2 years and then regular priests through a program of constant learning.» (Vlassis G. Rassias)


Translated by Stilian Ariston Korovilas.

Notes upon the text by the translator:
1) In the next few months YSEE shall be recognized as a «legal person» in Greece. The required number of signatures has been reached. With this kind of recognition, ethnic Hellenes take a big step forward legal recognition of Hellenism in Greece.

2) Name of Greek religion since 1730. (This term is not used by all Hellenes.)

3) The Supreme Council of ethnic Hellenes (YSEE) is a nativistic movement, a nativistic movement is defined as «Any conscious, organized attempt on the part of a society’s members to revive or perpetuate selected aspects of its culture.» (Ralph Linton: Nativistic Movements, in: American Anthropologist. Vol. 45, Nr. 2, 1943, p. 230).