Hellenic Declaration or Against the exploitation of Hellenism

Stilian Ariston Korovilas, 20. Gamelion 2791 / 10. February 2015

We ethnic Hellenes make it very clear to everyone: HELLENISMOS has no interest in the political parties of the Romaic («Greek») or of any other nation-state nor in any form of political monotheism (conservatism, liberalism, nationalism, internationalism). Hellenismos also does not care about the dietary habits, sexual orientations or personal likes of its members. Modern Romaic state, its politics and boundaries do not concern Hellenic tradition, as long as this state, its political parties or any other group do not interfere with our tradition or exploit our history. We are able and ready to defend our cultural tradition and to expose all those who want to pass off alien ideologies as Hellenic. Hellenism is autonomous and self-determined. The indigenous Hellenic people are stout and brave, courageous and honest enough to protect our heritage and ourselves against any ambush or activity under false flag.

The Romaic fascist party «Golden Dawn» could become prohibited in Greece. For such a case, they established now a new fascist proto-party called «Ethnic Dawn.» Its members misuse again the Hellenic symbol of eros, the maiandros, and enact themselves as a «Hellenic» party. As nationalists they have no right to, even, use the word «ethnic,» for nationalism homogenized the remnants which monotheism has left of the real ethnicities. Nationalism identified ethnic identity with citizenship and the ethnos itself with the nation-state and, in our case, Hellas with Byzantium! The devotees of Metaxas (who burned Hellenic books in the public squares because they were received as «communist» and a «threat to the young people») and Hitler whose army killed the people of Greece and destroyed 80% of its public infrastructure, have no right to use the word «Hellenic» or playing Hellenes, because their church, their Byzantium literally smashed Hellenism to pieces. Orthodox Christians persecuted the Hellenes, till the 15th century CE, when the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople Gennadios Scholarios the death of the ethnic Hellene Juvenalios by torture, a brave man they slander to this day. So our message to them is: We are here and willing to protect Hellenism against every totalitarianism and cultural appropriation. That´s for certain!

Golden Dawn has very much to do with Christianity and nothing to do with Hellenism which is not a mere religion, although it contains the worship of the ancestral gods and heroes, but the ethos of the Hellenic ethnos. Golden Dawn defends the Romaic state, its historiography and self-image (that is the continuation of Hellenism). Golden Dawners cannot defend Hellenismos, but only their own ideological constructs. They talk a lot about Hellenismos, without ever defining what they mean by that word, and confuse it with their own culture, because they have no clue what Hellenismos is, just like they confuse nationalism with ethnismos (a complex term that is very important to us; ethnismos means ethnic identity, ethnic religion, tradition and, today, also love for one’s country). Nationalism belongs to the Christian era, it is a modern movement with no indigenous or ethnic past. We Hellenes do not think in the categories of monotheism (religious, secular, political or cultural), our people have no word for «race» (the word modern Greece uses for this western European concept of the 17th century, «phyle», comes from ancient Greek and means originally «tribe» or «clan») or «Hellenic blood» (Thales, Aesopos, Porphyrius did not even have Hellenic parents). The «intellectual principle» of Hellenism is humanism (Werner Jaeger: Paideia: The ideals of Greek culture, Vol. I: Archaic Greece, the mind of Athens, p. XXIII, Oxford 1946). Humanism contrasts Golden Dawn’s slogan: «Blood, honour, Golden Dawn!. Fascism, antisemitism, racism is not Hellenism. We will fight against the exploiters of our indigenous culture and against those who endanger the autonomy of our ethnos. As long as they exploit Hellenism, we will expose them.

Golden Dawn are openly affirming the «Hellenic-Orthodox principles and Ideals» [sic!]. The party declared that its goal is the «rehabilitation of the validity of the church» (Diipetes, July «1997», Νο. 20). Golden Dawn never said a word about Hellenic ethnocide, they don’t even recognize the cultural genocide of the Hellenes by their beloved Byzantium and its church, never defended Hellenism against monotheism or Christianity. Why should they? They are not Hellenes but Romioi, followers of the Greek-speaking orthodox church. Golden Dawn dares even to identify Byzantium with Hellas, the Hellenic ethnos with modern «Greek» nation state. Nationalist Ilias Kasidiaris made it very clear that Golden Dawn is a Christian party (of course it is, nationalism is anti-ethnic by its very nature). He also stated that «the Hagion Oros means Hellas to us» and that Golden Dawn is against the separation of Church and State. He, as many other Golden Dawners, believes in the «christian-hellenic Culture», which the nationalist historiography of Romiosyni founded 200 years ago, and promised to subsidize the monk’s republic Athos. He also intends to built a statue of the late Orthodox archbishop Christodoulos (Agioritiko Vima, 28.4.2014), who wrote a book against Hellenic religion. In his eyes, ethnic Hellenes cannot be «taken serious.» Nationalists attacked Hellenism over and over again (Pansyrinx, August 2012) and dragged our tradition through the mire. We know enough about Romaic nazism to recognise its danger to indigenous Hellenic culture.

Hellenic tradition only concerns the Hellenes, not the Greek-speaking Orthodox Christians, the followers of political monotheism or para-Christian paths. There is no honor in Golden Dawn. Its existence depends on the artificial opposites «nationalism – internationalism,» the nationally correct faked historiography of modern «Greece.» This party and the monotheistic culture behind it do not concern us, just as every other «product» of the Christian era, the Occident and Romiosyni does not concern Hellenism.