Hellenic Declaration or Against the exploitation of Hellenism

Stilian Korovilas, February 10, 2015 

We ethnic Hellenes make it very clear to everyone: Hellenismos has no interest in the political parties of the Romaic (or «Greek») or of any other nation-state nor in any form of political monotheism (conservatism, liberalism, nationalism, internationalism). Hellenismos also does not care about the dietary habits, sexual orientations or personal likes of its people. The Romaic state and its politics do not concern Hellenic tradition, as long as this state or its political parties do not interfere with our tradition or exploit our history. We are in the position to protect our tradition and to expose all those attempting to instrumentalize Hellenic history or religion in order to serve the ends of their favored branch of political monotheism. In addition to that, we are also ready to defend our right to self-determination against political parties, fascists, colonialists and pagan appropriators.

The Romaic fascist party «Golden Dawn» could soon become banned in Greece. To cope with this, they already have established a new fascist proto-party called «Ethnic Dawn.» Again, the «Golden Dawn» abuses the maiandros, a Hellenic symbol, and stage themselves as a «Hellenic» party. As nationalists they have no right to even use the word «ethnic.» Nationalism is a political derivation of Western Christianity that homogenized the remnants which monotheism has left of the ethnosphere. Nationalism is identifying ethnic identity with citizenship and the ethnos with the nation-state. Greekspeaking nationalism even goes so far to equate Hellenism with Romiosyni. The devotees of the regimes of Metaxas (that burned ancient Greek literature in the public, slandered as «communist» and a «threat to young people») and Hitler (whose army killed thousands of Greeks and destroyed 80% of Greece’s infrastructure) have, ethically speaking, no right to use the word «Hellenic.»

It was their church and saints, their beloved Byzantine empire that literally smashed Hellenism to pieces, committing ethnocide against the Hellenic people. Orthodox Christians persecuted the Hellenes, destroyed their altars, burned their libraries, appropriatet their philosophy, throughout all the epochs, from late antiquity to the beginning of the so-called «modern» era, where the patriarch of Constantinople Gennadios Scholarios ordered the death of the Hellene Juvenalios by torture and the persecution of all «Hellenists.» So our message to them is clear: we are here and willing to defend Hellenism against every appropriation, abuse and instrumentalization of the Hellenic ethos by the merchants of totalitarianism, imposters and pagan colonialists.

The imposters of the «Golden Dawn» have very much to do with Christianity and nothing to do with Hellenism, which the ethos of the Hellenic ethnos, and not the whore of nationalism. «Golden Dawn» defends the official Romaic historiography and self-image, and the ideological construct of «Hellenochristianism,» created by Christian-nationalist historiograph Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos. They talk a lot about Hellenism without ever defining what they mean. Nationalism belongs to the Christian era, it is a modern movement. Hellenismos exists outside the categories of religious, political and cultural monotheism. The «Golden Dawn» and nationalism itself contradicts everything Hellenism stands for and, more importantly, this party’s sick ideology is an insult for all the victims of Christianity and the Greeks who were slaughtered during the horrible years of the Nazi occupation. Hellenes are continuously fighting the exploiters of our culture, history and religion, those who endanger the self-determination of the Hellenic ethnos and dragg the memory of the victims of all form of monotheism through the dirt. As long as they are exploiting Hellenism, we will cease exposing them.

The «Golden Dawn» is openly affirming the «Hellenic-Orthodox principles and ideals» [sic!]. The party declared that their goal is the «rehabilitation of the validity of the church» (Diipetes, July «1997», issue number 20). The «Golden Dawn» never said a word about the Hellenic ethnocide, they don’t even recognize the cultural genocide of the Hellenes by their beloved Byzantine regime and its state-church, never defended Hellenism against its exploitation by monotheism and its many manifestations. Why should they? They themselves are exploiting Hellenism, following the footsteps of fascism. Nationalist Ilias Kasidiaris made it very clear that the «Golden Dawn» is a Christian party (of course it is, nationalism is anti-ethnic by its very nature). He also said: «the Hagion Oros means Hellas to us», and confirmed that the «Golden Dawn» is against the separation of church and state in Greece and, of course, he promised to subsidize the monk’s republic Athos, if the elections bring his party to power. He also intends to built a statue of the late Orthodox archbishop Christodoulos (Agioritiko Vima, 28.4.2014), who wrote a book against Hellenic religion. In his eyes, ethnic Hellenes cannot be «taken serious.» And not without reason: nationalists attacked Hellenism over and over again (Pansyrinx, August 2012) and dragged our tradition through the mire, especially since the ethnic Hellenes started actively to fight back the nationalist’s opportunistic attempt to appropriate ancient Greece. In this context, it is noteworthy to mention that the first Hellenic book against nationalism was written by the late Vlassis G. Rassias, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of ethnic Hellenes (YSEE), and published in 1996. And this resistance to the tentacles of totalitarianism is necessary, since we know enough about Romaic nazism to recognise the dangers it holds to indigenous Hellenic culture.

Hellenic tradition is above the various branches of political monotheism, their propaganda and artifical opposites (such as nationalism/internationalism, state/market, right/left et cetera). «Golden Dawn’s» slogan is «Blood, Honor, Golden Dawn!» It is borrowed from the Third Reich and just screams «treason.» There is no honor in the «Golden Dawn.» Its existence depends on the official, nationally correct faked historiography of the modern «Greek» state which also does not recognize the Hellenic ethnocide. This party is a spawn of the same totalitarianism that rages in the Mediterranean region since the «glorious» days of Emperor Constantine.