The Term «Paganism» and Hellenismos

Stilian Ariston, 26th Posideon 2790

The Occident (Christianity, Atheism, Neopaganism and Occultism) still uses the offensive term Paganism to refer to the native traditions of Europe, ignoring the fact, that these were not «religions» or faiths in modern sense, rather parts of ones ethnic Identity and political order of the respective homeland. Anyway! Most of the people who came in contact with Hellenismos, know, that we reject this term, for it’s reducing a cultural ethnos to a mere religious community, the Hellenic identity to its misunderstood religious aspect. And on top of it, the term Paganism, also used by Neopagans to refer to themselves, suggests a connection to religious movements alien to Hellenismos, mingling ethnic, indigenous Religions with new religious movements of the Occident (Neopaganism, New age etc.). In so doing, confusion originates and people develop a false impression about what Hellenismos really is and stands for. Using Paganism to define our selves is not in our interest, otherwise we’d encourage anti-hellenic christians keep lying about us and trying to brand Hellenismos as neopagan, occultistic et cetera. Indeed, Hellenismos could ONLY be pagan in the sense Pierre Chuvin describes Paganism, namely as the «religion of the homeland in its narrowest sense» (P. Chuvin, A Chronicle of the Last Pagans, p. 9, Cambridge, MA /London: Harvard University Press, 1990).

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