Best Books on contemporary Hellenismos

Best Books on contemporary Hellenismos and Hellenic thinking
compiled by Stilian Ariston Korovilas, latest update: March 14, «2021»

Seneca delph

Alexander, Timothy Jay: Hellenismos Today, Breinigsville/Pennsylvania 2007.

Alexander, Timothy Jay: A Beginner’s Guide to Hellenismos, Breinigsville/Pennsylvania 2007.

Alexander, Timothy Jay: The Gods of Reason: An Authentic Theology for Modern Hellenismos, Breinigsville/Pennsylvania 2007.

Castoriadis, Cornelius: Postscript on Insignificance: Dialogues with Cornelius Castoriadis, New York 2001. Translated by Gabriel Rockhill and John V. Garner.

Castoriadis, Cornelius: On Plato’s Statesman, Stanford 2002. Translated by David Ames Curtis.

Dervenis, Kostas: Oracle Bones Divination: The Greek I Ching, Rochester/Vermont 2014.

Dimitriadis, Haris: Epicurus And The Pleasant Life: A Philosophy of Nature, n.p. 2017.

Evangeliou, Christos C.: Hellenic Philosophy: Origin And Character, Burlington/VT 2006.

Hellenic Council YSEE of America: Hellenic Ethnic Religion: Theology and Practice, New York 2018.

Hyde, Walter Woodburn: Greek religion and its survivals, New York 1923.

Labrys: Hellenic Polytheism: Vol. I: Household Worship, Athens 2014.

Lawson, John Cuthbert: Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion: A Study in Survivals, Cambridge 1910.

Lefkowitz, Mary: Greek Gods, Human Lives: What We Can Learn from Myths, New Haven/London 2003.

Liantinis, Dimitris: Gemma, London 2013.

Panagiotopoulos, Panagiotis: Thomas Jefferson: “I too am an Epicurean”. His life and his inspiration from the Ancient Greeks, Independently published, n.p. 2021.

Szabo, Allyson: Longing For Wisdom: The Message Of The Maxims, n.p. 2008.

Vallianatos, Evaggelos G.: The Passion of the Greeks: Christianity and the Rape of the Hellenes, Harwich Port/MA 2006.

Zagli, Yiota/Marini, Athena: The Delphic Oracle Cards: Self knowledge Cards, n.p., n.d.

Books about Hellenic genocide