Do Hellenic Polytheists hate the christians?

Stilian Ariston, 10/7/2013

Some people ask me if we ethnic Hellenes or our most important organizations (YSEE, Labrys, Thyrsos) hate the Christians. My answer has to be No. We are opposed to theocracies, extremists, evangelical agendas, the same applies to spiritual soft-dictatorships disguised as Religions, and we are opposed to the type of human being they have created, because these systems acted in history as phenomena of cultural mass destruction, but we don’t hate christians. Yes, we really want to overcome monotheism, but first we have to overcome monotheism in our own minds by changing ethos and worldview. 

We do not want to extinguish monotheism or to persecute other people for having other worldviews. And we are not against the christian faith, that someone goes to church, lights a candle and prays to Jesus or to the «true god», for  we can distinguish between faith and political agendas, persons and institutions. Many of us have christian parents, brothers, grandparents, friends etc. We don’t consider them being our enemies. We are not friends of christianity, true, but we are not opponents of christians, who just wanna be christians without persecuting others. So, we are «enemies» of theocracies and of the mentioned dictatorships, but we are not and won’t be the enemies of all christians or of the christian faith in general. 

I can not speak for every practitioner of Hellenic Polytheism, but I know, many of them agree with me regarding my attitude towards christians. Our goal is not to hate or fight against christianity, but to restore and protect Hellenism.