Contemporary Hellenismos – Origin and History

Contemporary Hellenismos – Origin and History

Minoan civilization (Origin of greek culture and religion)

Mycenaean civilization (Precursor of classical greek culture and religion)

Archaic Hellenism (Homer, Hesiod, Pre-socratic Philosophers like Xenophanes, Parmenides or Empedocles)

Classical Greece (Platonism, Aristotelianism)

Hellenistic Greece (Stoicism, Lucius Annaeus Cornutus)

Late Antiquity/Hellenism (Flavius Claudius Julianus, Sallustius, Sopatros, Hypatia, Proclus, Damascius, Simplicius of Cilicia)

Early Middle Ages (Last Hellenes of Laconia, Hellenes of Mani Peninsula)

Middle Ages (Gemistus Pletho & his circle, Michael T. Marullus, the hellenic «Stradiotto»-mercenaries, Hilysios Kallentzis)

Early Modern Age (Renaissance, Humanism, Nikolaos Politis, Thomas Taylor, Louis Menard, Jacobin Club of the Ionian Islands)

Modern Era (Coalition of ethnic Hellenes in Greece; Foundation of the Supreme Council of the Hellenes «for the Preservation and Restoration of the genuine Hellenic Tradition»; Foundation of the LABRYS-Community)

Today (Timothy Jay Alexander; Modern Hellenismos; gained currency in Western Europe & in the USA; Defending Hellenismos against «neopagan» distortion of facts and untruths).